From Automaxx

Automaxx India is an Indian company, that specializes in providing world-class OEM/ODM and Electric Powered Vehicles and their components. The company mainly concentrates on the transformation of existing fuel 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and cars into electric-powered technologies by creating hybrid and complete conversion kits for them.

About Services

It is a group of extremely talented, imaginative & professional team which strives through the gaze of escaping into excellence to make building a business empire in the EV industry easy for everyone. It’s a new version of high-tech eco-friendly technologies. Gives lifetime opportunities to the youth & found to be the no. 1 career guide in EV Industry.

Our R&D and manufacturing teams ensure that our partners and customers receive the best possible product at all times. We will be here to advance the electric vehicle industry now and in the future, thanks to our company’s growth and expansion ambitions.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable Educator, Innovator, and Accelerator of the 21st Century worldwide by 2025

Our Mission

Upgrading Knowledge, Skills, and Technologies for empowering E-Mobility Businesses.